Open the file in which you want to find and replace one or more words. To do this, open the folder containing the text document format ".doc" or ".docx" and click the file twice with the left mouse button. This will start the Microsoft Word 2010 view and edit the selected file.
Install the mouse cursor in the beginning of the text and click the left mouse button once or press and hold the button "Page Up" on keyboard. Thus, the text cursor moves to the beginning of the first line of text.
Open the Home tab in the top menu. It shows the basic settings of text formatting, styling, editing, and navigation.
In order to find a specific piece of text, press the "Find" button located on the right side of the toolbar. You can also press "Ctrl + F" on your keyboard. In the left part of the window pane will open "Navigation".
To find any fragment of text, enter it in the search bar and press the "Find" button to the right of the text input or the button "Enter" on the keyboard. The found matches are shown in a list in the navigation pane, and highlighted in yellow shading in main document text.
To replace one or more words, press the "change" button located on the right toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + H" on the keyboard.
Opens "Find and replace", where you can search, replace text, and navigate to specific pages, sections, bookmarks, etc.
Click on "Replace" and enter the text to be replaced into the string "Find". In the "Replace by" enter the replacement text.
To replace all matching text, click "Replace all", and to selectively replace click "Replace" and "Find next".