You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
Find out which mobile operator belongs and the region you are interested in the room. To do this, enter it in the appropriate box on the next page Pay special attention to the order you enter the rooms, which are set out below. Press Enter and review the results.
After you learn the maintenance operator, contact the nearest service office of the company to provide you with information about the owner of the room. With the best pre-contact support to clarify the circumstances under which the company agrees to provide confidential information about their client. It is possible that your case fits the exception.
If the operator refuse to provide information, use special disks with databases of operators in regions of the Russian Federation. You can find them in the markets of your city, they are sold in the form of disks with information databases for a certain period of time.
Please note that this is not a legal way, so you have to act in this case at your own risk. Insert purchased disc into your computer drive, run a virus scan, and then execute the request data about the subscriber, by entering in the appropriate form the number of his mobile phone.
To find out information about the owner of a landline phone, contact the help Desk of your city, which you can find on different portals, or just go to the website where the provided database of PSTN subscribers of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.