Advice 1: As to the unit to connect the monitor

For those people who spend at the wheel of a big amount of time, the car becomes not only a means of transport but a second home. So the avid drivers set the car radio to pass the time to listen to some nice music. To receiver you can connect an external monitor, which enables you to view your favorite movies.
As to the unit to connect the monitor
You will need
  • monitor;
  • bolts;
  • stub bolt;
  • - drill;
  • - wire;
  • - keys for the radio.
Find out whether your model radio video playback. If there is no such function, connecting a monitor is impractical. Easier to buy a new radio with DVD, or portable car DVD player with built-in monitor.
Read the instruction manual of your radio. Also inspect the box from Automagnetola, if you survived. Find the location of the connectors for connecting external monitor. They are usually located on the back side of the radio.
Gently pull the radio out of the recess in the dash. To do this, use the supplied special key or two piece of thin and stiff wire. Proceed very carefully so as not to scratch the front of the radio or coating torpedoes.
Find twin connectors of type "Tulip". They should be in yellow, white and red. Connect it to the wire. Be careful that the plugs are firmly seated in the connectors. Special attention should be paid to the wire. From its quality depends on the clarity of the video being played, so don't buy cheap Chinese products.
Select the location to host monitor. Note that the monitor must not interfere with full vision of the driver while driving. Carefully drill the holes for the body mounting bolts.
Locate the hole through which the wires from the monitor will go to the radio. If you are unable to find a suitable technical hole, drill a new one.
Install the monitor case and carefully secure it with screws. Hats, close the plugs. Gently thread a wire through hole is made. Connect the terminal wires to the connectors on the monitor.
Assemble everything in reverse order and install the radio in place. Make the first burn and test the connected monitor.
If you don't want to do the connection yourself, contact a specialized center.

Advice 2: How to connect a USB flash drive to receiver

The developers of the audio devices designed for cars, is clearly behind the professionals involved in the creation of computer peripheral equipment. The appearance of flash drives has jeopardized the existence of the business of manufacturing CDs and DVDs.
How to connect a USB flash drive to receiver
You will need
  • adapter to connect Usb Flash or SD Card.
The slowness of automobile manufacturers of audio equipment have pushed businesses to the development of devices able to connect connect flash drives to vehicle stereos. Among the first appeared transmitters in China, which fixed radio FM recording aired with flash drives on the receivers. The range of the equipment connected to the cigarette lighter socket of approximately ten meters. But the quality of storeoperated of musical compositions left much to be desired.
Real audiophiles demanded from the market creating these devices, which are able to reproduce high-quality sound. The next step in this direction was the development of adapters connected to the interface audio connector for CD changer.
The described device is designed to play music, pre-recorded on a Usb Flash drive or SD Card, up to 16 GB in high quality MP3 format, using today in high demand, with support for bit rates up to 320 Kbps. The adapter is equipped with a hardware, an effective noise suppression system.
The connection is made to the connector intended for the CD changer, and after the initialization of the flash drive is recognized by the receiver as the CD player, displaying information about the currently playing track and maintaining control interface playback recordings. Flash media you can create up to 98 directory and in each folder a valid accommodation for up to 99 entries. The root directory will be played first, others in alphabetical order. At any time you can switch to play songs from another directory.
After the acquisition the process of connecting a new device to the on-Board receiver takes the owner less than five minutes. As much time as you need to spend to extract the audio from the nest. Then the adapter is displayed in any convenient place in the cabin.
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