You will need
  • monitor;
  • bolts;
  • stub bolt;
  • - drill;
  • - wire;
  • - keys for the radio.
Find out whether your model radio video playback. If there is no such function, connecting a monitor is impractical. Easier to buy a new radio with DVD, or portable car DVD player with built-in monitor.
Read the instruction manual of your radio. Also inspect the box from Automagnetola, if you survived. Find the location of the connectors for connecting external monitor. They are usually located on the back side of the radio.
Gently pull the radio out of the recess in the dash. To do this, use the supplied special key or two piece of thin and stiff wire. Proceed very carefully so as not to scratch the front of the radio or coating torpedoes.
Find twin connectors of type "Tulip". They should be in yellow, white and red. Connect it to the wire. Be careful that the plugs are firmly seated in the connectors. Special attention should be paid to the wire. From its quality depends on the clarity of the video being played, so don't buy cheap Chinese products.
Select the location to host monitor. Note that the monitor must not interfere with full vision of the driver while driving. Carefully drill the holes for the body mounting bolts.
Locate the hole through which the wires from the monitor will go to the radio. If you are unable to find a suitable technical hole, drill a new one.
Install the monitor case and carefully secure it with screws. Hats, close the plugs. Gently thread a wire through hole is made. Connect the terminal wires to the connectors on the monitor.
Assemble everything in reverse order and install the radio in place. Make the first burn and test the connected monitor.
If you don't want to do the connection yourself, contact a specialized center.