Which painkillers are permitted to take lactation

There is a small list of painkillers that are allowed to take during breastfeeding. This group includes non-narcotic and narcotic analgesics. Narcotic analgesics ("Tramal", "Naloxone", "Promedol") in small quantities penetrate into breast milk and may cause unwanted reactions. Let's say a single dose of such funds. Narcotic analgesics ("Baralgin", "Analgin", "Kaffetin", "Lidocaine", "Ultrakain" and "Paracetamol") is also used once. With prolonged use, they have a toxic action on the kidneys, blood, liver, Central nervous system.
With the urgent need to take drugs non-steroidal group ("Ketoprofen", "Ibuprofen" and "Naproxen"), which have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

For the relief of pain in muscle tissues can use pain ointment "Diclofenac", "symptoms", "Voltaren". Because they are applied topically, the probability in breast milk active ingredients is minimized. Most harmful for the child is fever "Aspirin", "Citramon" painkillers "Tempalgin" and "Sedalgin". They have a negative effect on the kidneys, liver, blood and can provoke a severe allergic reaction. To choose a suitable pain medication to help the doctor.

How to take painkillers

When choosing an anesthetic drug during lactation will appreciate its toxicity and possible adverse effects on the body of an infant. It is desirable to give preference to drugs that are the hardest to penetrate into the milk. Most of them still gets breast milk, so take them with caution: no excessive dose, and solely on the testimony.
Constantly observe the state of the baby. If allowed the drug has on the baby is a negative effect, taking it is contraindicated.

If taken painkillers and breastfeeding the medicine should drink so that the feeding time did not coincide with the greatest concentrations in the blood. The child can be fed three to four hours after taking the pill. At high risk of negative effects on the child's body, it is recommended to pause for a while feeding the baby's chest. To maintain lactation, continue to do active pumping milk. At the end of the medication breast-feeding resumed normally.