You will need
  • - tincture of calendula;
  • - decoction of chamomile;
  • - tincture of eucalyptus;
  • - lozenges;
  • spray
Contact your therapist to prescribe you drugs, is not contraindicated during lactation. Indicate that you do not want to interrupt breast-feeding during the illness. If your doctor feels it appropriate, they will prescribe you a course of treatment, allowing to do it.
Gargle every 30 minutes. You can rinse with a solution furatsilina, calendula tincture, decoction of chamomile, solution of soda, of iodine and salt, tincture of eucalyptus. Any solution should be warm, but in any case not hot or cold. Do not be lazy to perform this procedure regularly as it promotes healing of the throat to get rid of plaque.
Buy pills for resorption. Consult your pharmacist about the presence of contraindications, because in most cases during lactation are prohibited from taking a number of medications. In addition to pills buy a throat spray. Be sure to read the annotation. Orosite throat strictly according to instructions, not exceeding a specified number of procedures. Tablets also take to the scheme.
Do not neglect the abundant warm drink. It could be cranberry juice, herbal tea, broth hips, compote or tea. Drinks can help relieve pain, boost immunity and resist infection.
During illness try to only eat crushed food (purees, cereals, etc.), in order not to injure the already irritated throat. Cold foods should be excluded from the diet.
If you have a high fever and your condition has deteriorated, immediately notify the doctor, who must prescribe antibiotics at the same time allowing you to breast feed the baby. Do not forget about the drug, improve the microflora.