Как приучить собаку ходить на улице

The fresh air need both humans and animals. No need to think, if a cat is a purely domestic creatures, and sit all his life in the four walls they like. This is not so. They also want from time to time in the fresh air. Any trip outside will be useful for cats because it is a very curious animals.

приучить собаку к новому хозяину

Of course, the easiest way is accustomed to walks and dog harnesses small kittens – they are the easiest way to adapt to the new environment. Adaptation for kittens – it's a real game! Adult cats and dogs, of course, also can be trained to walk, however you should be patient.

как приучить котенка к ванне

How to teach cats to walk?

как приучить кота к рукам

The harness. First of all, you need to purchase a special cat leash – harness. This kind of strap, grasping the cat in the blades, which fastened on the belly of the animal. The harness will reduce the risk while walking: the cat is not lost and will not get under the car. All harnesses used for walking are expensive and pedigreed cats (and cats) and also when moving, when going to the veterinary clinic, during commuting. To put a harness on a cat need another home. This will allow him to advance to get used to it.

приучить собаку гулять

If there was a preference not a harness and cat collar, then it is necessary to attach a small token. It should be engraved with the coordinates of the owners of the animal. In addition, such a collar on the cat is undeniable proof that this animal home. It is believed that the collars do not fit cats because their neck is more delicate than dogs, and therefore it is easily damaged.

First walk. The first walk in the life of the domestic cat (cats) must take place in a quiet and peaceful place. Well if there will be other members of the household to which the cat is accustomed: it will give him more confidence. If a quiet place is far from home, the cat recommended to convey to his arms. Once the site walk is chosen, the cat should be put on the ground, to caress and to wait until he will not start any movement.

You should not pull the cat on a harness! Having experienced such unpleasant emotions once the cat begins to fear for his walks. It is worth noting that the cats long to learn unexplored places. The normal reaction of a cat for the first walk could be this: the cat just sit on the ground and begins to visually examine the new surroundings. Sometimes cats begin to slowly sniffing everything that is around them.

Do not forget that cats, unlike dogs, can "lose" his master at a fairly short distance. Therefore it is not recommended to move away from your cat away, especially during his first walk. Here operates the following rule: unlike dogs, a cat follows the man, and he for her!

Attention! Before the walk there should be some preventive measures – vaccinations and gostovanje. One caveat: the range can be tamed absolute majority of house cats.