Your puppy has received all the necessary vaccinations, have passed quarantine and have learned to do things on a rag in the hallway. Now start to teach him to walk on the street. Feed the dog and take then to the street. Walk away from other dogs and children, but in those places where there may be traces of dog toilet. On the smell the puppy needs to understand that he needs to do. The main thing - not to play and not to caress the baby while he will not do what you need.
Once that happens, do not skimp on the expression of joy, praise, caress it, treat with something tasty, take him to meet and play with other dogs or kids. At puppy must be fixed in mind that first he goes to the toiletand then gets all the fun and entertainment.First go outside after each feeding, then start to increase the intervals between trips, eyeing the dog. Do not scold or hit the puppyif it fell in the toilet at my old place in the apartment, just don't pay attention, but more and brighter encourage your dog after a good toiletand on the street. Rejoice very emotional, do not pay attention to passers-by.
Usually to the year of the dog begins to consistently relieve themselves on walks. You will need then to walk the dog only in the morning and evening. Morning is so early in the morning, the dogs natural mode is difficult for them to tolerate, if morning is when you sleep.Pay attention to unusual behavior, the dog may between walks fidgeted, run around and whine. Go with her to the street until late. You can respect others, walk in special places and don't forget to take a package and scoop.