If you see that the animal is afraid of you – do not take it in hand. Start chatting with him at a distance, talk softly and kindly. This is necessary in order to avoid your pet understand that you don't cause him no harm.
о попугаях, как назвать питомца
Once the animal is slightly adaptable in your home, you can try to hold. Do not make sudden movements and try to avoid loud noises. First, call the animal by name, then gently take it and stroke. If, in response to your actions will be followed by a bite, do not swear, probably, the animal still does not trust you. Trust needs to be earned.
можно ли приручить канарейку
First feed your pet delicious, it is desirable to give food from his hand. Usually pet chooses the owner on several parameters: the "who feeds" or "who loves".
как приручить песчанку
Over time, the animal gets used to you. Only here to whom that the full adaptation to the new conditions need a few days and others years. If a pet continues to hide from anybody in any action against him to show aggression, it is likely he has such a character. It is not necessary to suppress, because you are going against nature. Just accept the fact that your animal is a person, which lives by its own rules and orders.
можно ли купать песчанок