For cats mean a great touch. Therefore, the need to take the pet on hand, to stroke and caress him to make him feel your care and love. Especially if the house until the evening no one remains. Because animals can't predict the future, and each parting is painful for them. Regardless of age, they think that separation is forever.
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Coming home after work, first and foremost, cuddle your pet, show me that without him you missed. Try to give him as much attention as possible, tiskita it twirl. It will give the kitten a lot of fun. The more time you spend with him, to carry, to put to bed, the more he will become attached to you. Because apart from you and your family he had no one else. Do not disappoint the animal.
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In any case, do not forbid your children to play with the kitten. Giving him your love, you will receive the best gift – his love. And kitty, childhood conductive with people a lot of time, becomes the most affectionate creature. The cat loves the man who plays him, not the one who feeds. Educated thus the kitten will grow up to be very gentle and kind, he will always be near you.
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Nurture, feed and care for the kitty, but never show aggression. Don't hit the animal, do not threaten him with a newspaper or book. As a result, the cat will only Harbor resentment and will take vengeance on you in the future. Additionally, he can perceive your hand as a toy and will throw at it, even when you want to pet him.
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We are responsible for those who are taught. The kitten should not feel lonely, why do you then start? From a small lump that feels that it has a very good attitude to grow the kind cat, she will become your best and loyal friend.
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