You will need
  • Cat harness with a treat for cat, flea remedies, remedy for ticks
Before walking your cat, make all the necessary vaccinations. Don't forget that the grass can be mites. Treat the fur of an animal remedy for ticks and fleas. After a walk, inspect your pet and make sure his fur, no mites.
Teach your pet to walk on the streets since childhood. A small kitten will be easier to learn and get used to the new environment than an adult cat.
If you decide to release the cat for a walk the first time, use a special harness for cats and cat leash. The harness is two collars are joined together. They fasten on the neck of the cat and on her stomach. This harness will not allow the pet to slip out. Do not buy harnesses made of leather, even from the softest. Better buy a cat harness made from lighter materials. Be sure to choose the suitable size. If you can easily slip two fingers between the cat's body and the harness, then the size is right. Do not wear a cat collar. In these animals the weakened muscles of the neck, so the collar may cause them injury.
To accustom the cat to the harness. Better to start to put on her harness home, let him get used to it in advance. Cats are very sensitive creatures, at first the harness it will be greatly get in the way. These domestic Pets very much like a restriction of freedom, so be prepared for emotional reactions. Before you put a harness on a cat, let her sniff it. Then put it on. Wait until the first discontent. Remove when the cat will forget about restricting your movements harness and relax. Over time, the cat finally get used to the frequent presence of harnesses. Attach the leash and move your pet from room to room in the apartment. If the cat quietly goes about his business and not trying to escape, it's time to walk her on the street.
Find a suitable place for Hiking. A lot of noise, a crowd of people and dogs, of course, would freak, pet, which is the first time I went for a walk. Find more or less secluded place away from the bustle of the city. For example, will approach a clearing in the Park or a cozy corner in the Park.
If you are walking your cat on a leash, not pull it behind themselves. On the contrary, follow her. However, cats are curious creatures, so you and she can be anywhere. If the cat pulls you in the wrong direction, call her or lure a tasty treat. Do not pull and do not pull on the leash. Even if the cat doesn't behave as you expected, do not punish or scold her.
Try to release the cat for a walk in warm and Sunny weather. Your cat can enjoy fresh green grass and bask in the sun.
Do not walk with a cat for too long. After a walk wash her feet. If you fear that you loose your pet, put a collar on him with a special metal keychain. It will put information for someone who is likely to find a stray cat. Specify the nickname of a pet, your phone and/or home address. The very presence of the collar will attest to the fact that a cat is not a stray, that she is the owner.