Static electricity - the emergence and further maintenance of free electric charges on the surface of the material which does not conduct current. The intensity of occurrence of the charged particles depends on the electrical properties of materials, intensity and friction.

In nature static electricity is more likely to occur near large waterfalls due to the fact that the number of negative ions in the air exceeds the amount of positive, on the coast and on the snowy surface of the mountains.

Struggle with static in the process of washing

To get rid of static electricity on synthetic things can be when it is washed. It is enough to rinse add a small amount of softener. The necessary amount of money poured into the designated cell of the washing machine and start the washing process. With conditioning things will not only lose their electrostatic voltage and gain leniency.

Struggling with static "on the go"

If time is lost, and the thing is already dried, use the special antistatic. Placing the spray at a distance of 20-30 cm from the thing, spray on clothing. The procedure to perform better on the balcony and definitely before the thing to be wearing. To get rid of the unpleasant smell of the antistatic agent will help lung ventilation for 5-7 minutes.

A reliable assistant will be a spray bottle with water. In the tank before use, dissolve a small amount of conditioner. Sprinkle the clothes to light moisture, turn it inside out and iron through the cloth iron.

After taking a shower always use a body cream that will be able to effectively retain moisture on the skin. To hydrated skin things stick less intensively. This recommendation is particularly relevant in the cold season.

If you are not able to use conditioning and an iron, to relieve tension to help water. Wet your hands and dampen your clothes. This result is short-lived and is maintained as long as the clothes are dry. Match daily wardrobe, so that it does not include more than three synthetic things.

Due to the fact that the main cause of static electricity is dry air and keep moisture levels in the apartment. To do this, spend airing, wet cleaning, and install a humidifier. Good humidity regulators are lemon, ficus, dracaena, Echeveria, Chlorophytum, begonia and Spathiphyllum.