What is air conditioning

The main active ingredient in the composition of any air conditioner are cationic surfactants – surfactants. This water-soluble substance, so the basis of conditioning. In addition, it includes silicone, preservative, colorant, thickener, flavor or fragrance.

Surfactants envelop the fibers of the fabric a thin film, creating a sliding effect and protection, whereby:
- the fabric wears off and becomes dirt-repellent properties;
- there is an anti-static effect, preventing the accumulation of mini-charges of electricity on synthetic fabrics;
- material easily smoothed;
- increased iznosostoikost things, and they keep longer its original shape and retain their color.

Silicone is part of not all air conditioners, but only those that are more expensive. Depending on other additional substances included in the air conditioner, it can perform different functions. In one case it will make the fabric water and dirt repellent properties, in the other, on the contrary, water-absorbing, necessary, e.g., for towels and underwear made of natural fibers. The presence of the silicone allows you to make fabrics soft and fluffy, and also prevents the formation of pellets and increases color stability.

Part of conditioning also add special substances to facilitate the process of Ironing and provide anti-static effect and fragrance, giving it a pleasant aroma or a subtle scent of freshness. To include unwanted components such as chloroform, causing Allergy, benzyl acetate used as a solvent for lacquers, and terpineol – thickener with a very strong odor.

How to apply air conditioning

If you use washing machine, recommended for the user the amount of conditioner should be poured into a special compartment, located next to the container, which is filled with washing powder. For conventional washing machines and hand wash the conditioner added to the water during the final rinsing of Laundry. Dilute conditioner in water and soak in her underwear for a few minutes, then press.

Use a special measuring device, which is usually the cap of the vial with air conditioning or a separate measure, annexed. You should not add more than recommended on the instructions – the effect is not skyrocket, but the linen will not be washed away properly. And pay attention to what kind of fabric is a particular air to get the desired effect. The use of bleaches at the same time air conditioning is not allowed.