Liquid Laundry detergents have a gel structure, often these tools are presented in a concentrated form so that their expenditure is economical. Means a liquid suitable for washing almost anything, including, in the delicate mode.

The advantages of using liquid powder

Unlike normal washing powders liquid detergents don't foam as much. They are also less likely to cause allergies, which is important when washing children's clothes. Liquid washing powder when using do not remain in the tray washing machine-machine, while the dry powder is often not washed out completely.
To purchase liquid Laundry detergent in bottles or in capsules, are found phosphate-free media.

Liquid powders can be applied without using additional fabric softener. These tools give clothes gentle, but unobtrusive scent. In contrast to dry powders such household chemicals doesn't leave wash things white traces in the form of spots and stripes.

Today on the shelves you can meet liquid powders for various manufacturers, so each buyer can give preference to a particular brand. The cost of household chemistry also varies as the volume of the bottle, the type of flavor, etc.

Application features liquid powders

Washing powders liquid type can be used for hand washing. You do not need to wait for the tool to dissolve. Gel substances are perfectly soluble in slightly warm and cold water, do not leave streaks on dark things. You can use them without fear of irritation on the skin.

The advantage of the liquid powders is their simplicity of storage. The bottle with the tool you can remove a shelf or put on the washing machine, it does not take much space. Liquid household chemicals comfortable when zateryannyi heavily polluted things. In the Russian market can be found and import of household chemicals, for example, Japanese or Chinese. If you are in doubt whether you fit such a detergent, try to wash the color thing manually and evaluate the results.
Liquid powders can be poured directly into the tank or add a tray-dispenser.

Gel for washing will give the best effect if you use it for dirty things along with stain removers. However, despite all its advantages, this powder is expensive enough. It should be noted that for the washing liquid powder is the perfect temperature range from 30 to 60 degrees, so with complex patches, but this household chemical can not cope with the first time.