To a dress, skirt or pants made of synthetic fabric does not stick to the body, you can handle inside of of conventional soap. Take a dry bar of soap and grate them with the product in a chaotic manner on the reverse side. Since soap leaves a white film on the fabric, first try this method on a small area of tissue. If the front side of the garment plaque is not visible, then go ahead and get down to business. And don't worry, at the first стиркt get away. Treatment of tissue with soap reduces the static effect for about a day.

Air conditioning

Most air conditioners for linen has anti-static properties. They are added to the water during washing. If you urgently need to go, and time to do the Laundry, try to apply a small amount of conditioner on your palm and walk her around the inside of the skirt or dress. You'll need quite a bit of money, otherwise the front of the unit will appear white spots. In emergency situations, some women use instead of softener, a hair conditioner, which also has antistatic properties.


Normal water also can reduce static electricity, but for a short period of time. Apply a small amount of water on the cloth using a fine spray, which sprayed plants. Use so-called nozzle "mist", otherwise you run the risk of significantly wet clothes.


In the warm season, when women don't wear tights and stockings, you can try to reduce static electricity, causing the foot a thin layer of low fat cream. This will help to moisturize the skin and reduce the friction of synthetic fabrics in which occurs and the static effect.


If you have time, wash the clothes going to wear, in a weak acetic solution. First, it will remove with tissue residues of detergent or soap, and secondly, reduce the ability of synthetics generate static electricity.
Alternatively, use a solution of vinegar and baking soda. Mix them in a ratio of 6:1. Soda softens fabrics and eliminates odors. And if you combine 2 part conditioner, 3 parts vinegar and 6 parts water, you can get a homemade fabric softener with antistatic properties and a pleasant aroma.