Before washing of bed linen, including sheets, read the tag with care instructions. Select the mode of the washing machine, and if it supports the function of easy Ironing, be sure to use it: so you will save lots of time because you will avoid the wrinkles and creases on bed sheets.
Hanging washed sheets, fold them in half, matching the corners and edges, and hang smoothly. Try not to overdry linen, iron it slightly damp so that it has acquired a flawless look.
Irreplaceable thing in the house - Ironing Board. For proterivanja sheets install it on the upper level, so the clothes didn't fall on the floor. If the Board is not, use it instead of a large table, covered with a blanket or quilt. It is desirable that the place for Ironing was well lit.
Cotton underwear stroking a very hot iron, if necessary, use button "steam" and "water". For silk sheets heat iron should be a small or medium.
Preferred to iron sheets, folded them in half lengthwise wrong side inside. Protiva piece by piece, move the sheet on the Board forward or back – as you prefer. Treating sheet iron with one hand, fold it across so that the Ironing part was in, again fold in half and iron this way each segment as long as the sheet will not reach a size to fit easily on the shelf in the linen closet.
If you want to immediately lay the sheets on the bed or like to sleep on linen without wrinkles, do this: fold the sheet in half lengthwise or crosswise, so far as the width of the Ironing Board and iron from both sides, without affecting the locations of the bend. Then fold the sheet so that the remaining fragment appeared in the center, and fix it.
You can also Pat the sheets directly on the bed if it is completely smooth, but will have to periodically heat up the iron because the cord length does not allow to reach all the corners of the sheets.