The black sea

You can choose any kind of vacation: Wellness, therapeutic, excursion, active or family. On the shore of our Black sea is a huge number of hotels and resorts. The service here is no worse than in Europe, the hotels have spas, pools and leisure centres for children. Many Russian hotels have adopted the experience of foreign colleagues and introduced a system of "all inclusive". In December you can relax on the sandy shores of the Black sea.

In Krasnodar Krai the miraculous and healing climate. An additional positive effect will have on human health of mineral water and therapeutic mud. You can come in December to almost any city coast. And although the weather will be warm, but the water in the sea will be cool, so instead of bathing it is better to admire the beauty of Sochi and Adler, climb the mountains, or simply laze on the beach.

The sea of Azov

The children can go to the shore of the Azov sea. In itself the sea is not very deep, so well heated, but in December the water still quite cool. In General, the climate on the Taman Peninsula is soft, in December the sun is not firing and does not burn, +15 heat, low humidity.

Rest on the Azov sea are quite capable to improve their health. Here is a nice sea air mixed with the smell of steppe grasses, turning into healing. Available at Azov and these mud volcanoes. Therapeutic mud is rich in iodine and bromine. The most popular resort in these places is the town of Yeisk. There are fine hotels and magnificent resorts with high quality service. The rest are very cheap, you can meet, for example, 20 thousand rubles.

West Russia

In December, to go to rest and West of Russia. It offers Baltic sea views and nearby Kaliningrad. There is a close and large nature reserve. This is the land that has no solid foundations, and formed due to emission of large amounts of sand from the mouth of the Neman.

In these places a completely unique nature. Rare plants and alien landscapes. Tourists described the area is very popular. Fresh air, the fragrances of sea water and forests — all this is mixed into a single, memorable for a lifetime. There are excellent holiday homes and sanatoriums.


In Russia you can relax in Karelia. These province is known for its indescribable beauty, rarely where you will meet something similar. In this land of lakes is very well developed tourist infrastructure: there are rest houses, sanatoria and guest houses. In addition, there are a lot of monuments and a few entertainment complexes.

The local area allows you to walk through the woods and enjoy the fresh air. If you want you can go hunting for wild boar, wolf, or bear. The more safe guests can enjoy wonderful fishing. You can choose from several tourist routes: Valaam, Solovetsky Islands, Kizhi island.

The East Of Russia

Heading East, you'll find the world famous lake Baikal, Altai Krai. Generally, the word Altai translates from local dialect as "gold mountain." Coming here is like fall in a fairy tale — a range of taiga and mountains, many rivers and lakes. Local attractions have a pretty solid age. For example, lake Baikal is approximately 25 million years. It embraces a fifth of the world's reserves of fresh water.

This edge is visited by tourists from all over the world. Mostly to admire the beauty of the lake. This is a unique place, because here the taiga is located almost adjacent to the desert, and the tundra next to the wilderness of stones. There are here and plants that you will not find anywhere else. For tourists in the Altai built a lot of sanatoria and bases of rest. Taste the real Russian bath, drink some Siberian tea and feel the flavor of Siberian cuisine.