Rest culturally. To explore the attractions of our country at any time of the year. In winter, take a trip to the island of Kizhi, to get acquainted with the life of the Yakuts, visit the museums of the capital of Yakutia. In spring you can go to the architectural monuments of Novgorod, or to learn a bit about the culture of the Sami in the Murmansk region. In the summer you are waiting for the palaces and canals of St. Petersburg. Fall is the time to go to see Tobolsk or Ryazan Kremlin, and the fortress of Dagestan.
Spend your vacation actively. You can travel to Russia, acquainted with the beauty of the country out of the Windows of the bus and directly passing routes of varying difficulty. If you enjoy skiing, you should head to Krasnodar Krai. Like to explore caves? In a considerable number of them can be found in the Urals. May prefer rafting? Go to Adygea, there are beautiful nature and the fleeting mountain river, fit in this plan and the river Ural. Lovers. it is possible to visit Kamchatka.
Enjoy the holiday with your family. If adventure is not for you, then you can relax in one of parks not far from Ekaterinburg. If you don't want to climb that far, then you the tour of the mansions of the suburbs or the suburbs of St. Petersburg. And you can just go on the black sea coast and enjoy the beach.
Choose a luxurious romantic getaway. Accustomed to rest with a solid budget? This can be done in Russia. Stroll by boat on Avacha Bay. Visit the Red glade or ride in a cabin on the ship from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. Want to go along the rivers in warmer climes? Then you will find a water route Moscow-Astrakhan.
Explore the natural world of Russia. In the Republic of Bashkortostan is a beautiful Park of Shulgan-Tash. In Buryatia you will be able to enjoy the view on lake Baikal. In Stavropol Krai is waiting for you Pyatigorsk Failure, in Adygea – the mountain Big Thach, and in North Ossetia canyon Ahsent.