Each of us probably more than once in my life experienced a situation like a breakup with a loved one. Someone left for a new relationship, and someone just disappeared, without explanation, without even saying goodbye. The man left, experiencing emotional pain, sadness, grief, feeling overwhelmed and it CoE to fall from his hands. All the things are not going as we would like. How could people do this to me? Why and for what?

The mind fills with anger, resentment, hatred and anger. Some are trying to get to the truth while others turn in on themselves and endure all things. In those moments, full of hope and thinks that the beloved would remember, apologize and return. But time passes and the situation has not changed. Then comes the sadness, depression, nothing brings joy, self-esteem begins to plummet, a feeling of hopelessness, worthlessness and uselessness. Not infrequently thrown people resort to drastic measures, you begin to seek solace in alcohol, and what's more they experiment with drugs. How to survive this condition not to go within?

Former partners refer to an abandoned lover does not care, because they have started a new life. But for you it is not a reason to fall into despair. Psychologists advise to give vent to his emotions, to pity yourself, to cry, to live with all this, but not more than 3 to 5 days, or a depression, and then need a specialist to assist.

Take a shower and rinse off the whole film. Wear nice dress, apply makeup, and standing before the mirror, tell yourself that you are the most happy. Put on your favorite costume or best dressed. Visit relatives or friends. To be alone in such a situation are contraindicated and close-minded people always support and give right advice. This is the first step to healing.

Become to do something that previously never dared, but always dreamed of. Sign up for a Boxing class, go skydiving, learn to snowboard. If you don't have a pet, you can make it. Puppy or kitten will distract you from Intrusive thoughts will fill the void in reality. You definitely will not feel lonely.

If a person loses something, he necessarily acquires a new one. Don't live in the past, do not think constantly about Intrusive problem. Remember the good moments of your life. Think about what brings you only positive emotions. Such a situation is given to man so he can assess themselves, understand their importance, and most importantly - love yourself that way.