Many people after a breakup trying to remove all things that remind you of your ex. And doing very well. You should not spare any expensive jewelry, or beautiful photos, if they hurt. Tremendous relief can bring a ritual burning of photographs, for example, in the ashtray. Later you can cry over the ashes, as above the symbol of a dead love. The ceremony will give the subconscious mind to understand that the relationship is over and it is time to begin to grieve for them. Any grief sooner or later ends, and with its completion leaves and pain. But if you do not take note of the obvious gap and secretly cherish the thought of the return of the traitor, the pain will not allow you to live a normal life for a very long time.
Wait until the relief, you need to brighten up useful leisure. This can be Hobbies, work, travel, communication - all that can fill the void after the departure of the once loved one. Psychologists often advise you to plunge into the work, but sometimes a usual thing can not distract from the sad thoughts. In this case, it should send all our thoughts and efforts to implement long-held dream. For example, to learn a foreign language or to learn to drive. Importantly, the achievement of the goal brought a real big pleasure.
Abandoned girl just need to start working on their image. No depression will not close and "treated" to a beautiful, confident lady. Haircut, nails done, tan, stylish makeup, fancy clothes – all this let the girl feel is on the rise and to attract the views of men that will surely bring her a lot of joy.
The next step could be the realization of winning his new position: the freedom gives a lot of prospects to start a new, perhaps more interesting and serious relationship. Girl one only has to imagine how many compliments, gifts and romantic rendezvous awaits her ahead, and she at once instead of bitterness will begin to experience an indescribable gratitude towards the man who, thankfully, dumped her.
Transformed, full of new hopes, interesting, mysterious girl is just not going to waste time on boring memories of unworthy person, because she is too busy schedule in which there is hardly a place for sadness and sorrow.