What is separation?

Couples break up for different reasons. Someone broke up because of the intractable crisis in the lives of others love just died, others broke up because of infidelity of one of them. In any case, truly "former" partners in life. Resentment, anger, anger, sadness change to man, but to get rid of feelings of ownership allow not always. Besides, long-term relationship make people "grow" into each other, between them there is a special understanding, a kind of "everyday telepathy," so do expunged once the person you love life is never easy. That is why many people have thoughts about resuming relations with the former.
While chatting with former lover did not remember about the breakup. Not stir up the past, does not clarify the relationship. All this may lead to a quarrel that put an end to the return of the former relations.

If the couple separated by mutual consent without quarrels and scandals relations on this basis will not build. Usually these people are friends, can sometimes communicate in moments of loneliness are in the same bed. But fundamentally it changes nothing. Because such couples break up because of the lack of common goals and interests, they are no longer related. And if the gap was truly consensual, there is nothing to link them and can't.

Is it worth it to rebuild?

If you want to bring a partner who dumped you or who dumped you, think about whether it's you actually. After some time after the break in the memory are only the highlights, the negative is just erased, so you can remember solely the advantages of your former lover, forgetting about the shortcomings that caused the breakup.

Resume communication with a former spouse, an excellent platform to give the social network. If you feel that you establish contact, ask him or her to meet, it is best to invite a former lover to some small company, so the situation will not be too intimate.
Don't be afraid to flirt with your ex, it will cause in it and your memories of how they were born your feelings, which will only benefit, if you really want him or her back.

The easiest way to establish contacts with the former spouse, if you have children. They are the main "glue". The visits of the father to the child is a great way to test the waters. In ordinary conversations, common themes and memories — that's what brings people together. Having a child just makes such conversations possible, because you do not have to specifically look for that may look awkward.

In fact, the best way (which is suitable for brave people) is to call his former partner, invite him or her to meet and openly Express their thoughts. This can be done, if you had even the slightest hint of old feelings.