Advice 1: How to restore a relationship after a long breakup

Relationship with a former partner can be different. Some couples do remain friends, others hold a grudge on each other. In some cases after the rupture of relations can be revive if you need it.
How to restore a relationship after a long breakup

What is separation?

Couples break up for different reasons. Someone broke up because of the intractable crisis in the lives of others love just died, others broke up because of infidelity of one of them. In any case, truly "former" partners in life. Resentment, anger, anger, sadness change to man, but to get rid of feelings of ownership allow not always. Besides, long-term relationship make people "grow" into each other, between them there is a special understanding, a kind of "everyday telepathy," so do expunged once the person you love life is never easy. That is why many people have thoughts about resuming relations with the former.
While chatting with former lover did not remember about the breakup. Not stir up the past, does not clarify the relationship. All this may lead to a quarrel that put an end to the return of the former relations.

If the couple separated by mutual consent without quarrels and scandals relations on this basis will not build. Usually these people are friends, can sometimes communicate in moments of loneliness are in the same bed. But fundamentally it changes nothing. Because such couples break up because of the lack of common goals and interests, they are no longer related. And if the gap was truly consensual, there is nothing to link them and can't.

Is it worth it to rebuild?

If you want to bring a partner who dumped you or who dumped you, think about whether it's you actually. After some time after the break in the memory are only the highlights, the negative is just erased, so you can remember solely the advantages of your former lover, forgetting about the shortcomings that caused the breakup.

Resume communication with a former spouse, an excellent platform to give the social network. If you feel that you establish contact, ask him or her to meet, it is best to invite a former lover to some small company, so the situation will not be too intimate.
Don't be afraid to flirt with your ex, it will cause in it and your memories of how they were born your feelings, which will only benefit, if you really want him or her back.

The easiest way to establish contacts with the former spouse, if you have children. They are the main "glue". The visits of the father to the child is a great way to test the waters. In ordinary conversations, common themes and memories — that's what brings people together. Having a child just makes such conversations possible, because you do not have to specifically look for that may look awkward.

In fact, the best way (which is suitable for brave people) is to call his former partner, invite him or her to meet and openly Express their thoughts. This can be done, if you had even the slightest hint of old feelings.

Advice 2: How to restore the soil

Soil structure is determined not only by its mineral-based (clay, sand, loam, sandy loam, humus), but the number of living soil organisms that live in it. Earthworms and insects are digging tunnels, forming channels through which deep into the soil do water and air. Their waste products enrich the land and increase productivity. Intensive use of soils by man leads to its depletion.
How to restore the soil
To restore soil fertility often use compost – rotted organic waste. To the organics was rotting during faster, it is recommended to make a compost pile in layers.
The first layer for better drainage, lay straw, hay or firewood. The next layer may be annual weeds without Mature seeds, pieces of paper or natural fabrics, remnants of fruit and vegetables, small branches of trees and shrubs left after pruning, fallen leaves. Organic waste, cover with a layer of soil and put organic matter again.
In dry weather water the compost with water to speed up decomposition. In the water you can add bioactivators for the enrichment of the composition of beneficial microorganisms, for example, "Baikal". An activator is bird droppings.
In the process of decomposition of excreted nitrogen, necessary for plant life. The gas does not escape, cover your compost pile with polyethylene. Plastic film, also, retains heat and therefore helps accelerate the decomposition of organic matter. To use compost will be ready in approximately 8 months.
To improve the structure of soil is widely applied manure – cow, horse, goat, sheep. Fresh manure use extreme caution not to burn the roots and stems of plants. Better to give him pereplet within six months. In the same way as compost, manure covers to hold the nitrogen.
Many gardeners use to improve the fertility of your plot of leaf humus from the forest. But we must remember that this is depleted the soil in the woods, and exposed tree roots that cause direct harm to the nature. As popular fertilizer is peat. However, environmental scientists are encouraged to opt out of this method, since the depletion and the depletion of peat bogs harmful to the nature as well as the removal of a fertile layer of earth in the woods.
For the enrichment and recovery of soil structure used green manure plants rich in nitrogen, minerals, starch, proteins and sugars. As a green manure often use peas, lentils, clover, alfalfa. The plant stems are not removed for the winter, and leave in the ground. In the spring of decomposed mass with a rake buried in the ground as an organic fertilizer.
One of the characteristics of the soil is its acidity. Zakislenna soil reduces its fertility, as detrimental to the living soil organisms. Indicators of the acidity of the land are plants such as horsetail, plantain, sorrel, Buttercup. To deacidify the soil, it added crushed egg shells, slaked lime, ash.

Advice 3: As after breaking up to remain friends

Separation from loved one is always difficult. However, a complete rupture of relations often makes it even more painful. Much simpler and easier to disperse in a civilized manner, maintaining a friendly relationship.
As after breaking up to remain friends

Can a friendship after a breakup

The unequivocal answer to this question can not be. A lot depends on what purpose you or your ex-boyfriend want to keep warm relations. Most often this occurs when one has feelings, and he hoped that the friendship will help to bring back the old love. It is possible that someone of the partners tries to make the external appearance of prosperity, showing common friends that they were able to leave with dignity. But there is also a probability that both respect and appreciate each other and actually want to be friends.

The first two options are unlikely to come out something, because this is only the appearance of friendship, but if you have a really warm feelings to each other everything is possible. In fact, contrary to General opinion, between the former lovers often there is a real friendship.

To happen, you need to leave. If the break occurs at the initiative of one partner, to maintain friendly relations is unlikely to come. There probably will be a friendship "out of pity" when one loves, and the other gives him in return is friendship. And, on the contrary, a deliberate mutual decision to break relations may be the beginning of a sincere friendship. It is only important to clarify before parting, eliminating it all go unsaid.

It is very important not to forget that the past should stay in the past. This should apply to both your relationship and communication with mutual friends. It is not necessary to devote them in all the details of your new relationship. Also, before you start to be friends with a former beloved, consider that this may prevent you from building a personal life with a new person.

How to save the friendship after breaking up

Try not to make hasty decisions. Ceased emotions can make you regret the excessive flatness. In parting, do it with minimal losses. Be more practical, because, after parting on good terms, you will find a good friend who you may call once for help.

Take a look at the former beloved. If you are interested with him, he is a good interlocutor, a reliable person, then it makes no sense to abandon his society in the future.

Try to approach the gap constructively. Gather your forces and tell me about the need to break up and the reasons that pushed you to this. Listen to all the arguments of the partner. If the decision of the gap is taken mutually, then we solve all domestic problems and will share their ideas about your future relationship, giving false hopes. Speak directly, if you want to meet later or just sometimes to call.

Feel free to say goodbye the kind words partner, thank him for the experiences, for good time and relationship. I sincerely wish him happiness and rejoice in the fact that it will remain in your life in a new way. Such behaviour at parting will make the breakup much less painful.

Advice 4: How to restore a relationship with a guy

Sleepless nights, tears in the pillow, long conversations with friends – all this is familiar to women who have experienced a breakup with a loved one. In a fit of anger first thoughts - let him go, he'll regret it... But with time often appears the desire to return to a loved one.
How to restore a relationship with a guy
Think about whether you want to restore the relationship. It is likely that old feelings will not return. Times a rift, then, was the reason. And if it was an ordinary quarrel, but the love remains, you can try to fix it. But when the feelings are gone, nothing can fix.
Don't sit and wait that everything will be solved by itself. Analyze the reasons for the gap, remember, who was the initiator. If you decide to make a point, but now changed the mind, everything is relatively simple. The young man most likely was still experiencing feelings for you. Call him and schedule an appointment. You will need to explain, apologize for the emotionality, irascibility. Saying sincerely that he believed you. Although if you believe that this man you need, the words turn out true and honest.
In the case when the initiator of the break was the guy, the situation becomes more complicated. But do not despair. Remember all that was before the breakup, try to find the reason for the departure of the young man. Probably during the last conversation he expressed to you their claims. Think about what you can fix in yourself and your style of behavior. The most important thing in this situation – not just to get a guy and keep him then. If not remove the irritants, quarrels and separation will be inevitable. Perhaps you have given your loved one a little time. Or, on the contrary, plagued with his obsession, control and jealousy. If you want to get it back, change yourself and change the style of relations.
Talk to your man the situation. Call it a Frank conversation, offer to start "from scratch". Promise me you'll listen to him and his desires. If he has feelings for you, he will not refuse to give a second chance to your relationship. Not so simple a complete break with the person who is close to you.

Advice 5: How to get a guy after a breakup

To accept the breakup is not easy. More recently, you felt that in your life there is love, tenderness, care, and every day was filled with a sense of the fairy tale. And today he said, "We must part", and you for such an eventuality is not ready. Have to wrestle over how to return the guy.
How to get a guy after a breakup
Is it worth it?
The first question to ask yourself: is it worth it? Why to glue the broken Cup, which still remain signs of cracking. Understand your motives: do you want to return to the relationship – or rather, to build a new one, all efforts and taking into account the errors, completely forgiving the partner and apologizing. Or is it just inertia, the fear of losing their way of life. Or – even worse – revenge (return to abandon the offender). In this case, do not waste your strength on the growth of negativity in the world, better sign up to fight and go to a rock concert to throw out the aggression.
Why is it so?
You don't really have an idea of why the gap? And if you dig? People do not take such serious decisions after an ordinary quarrel. Or too many arguments were considered commonplace. Think about where you are lost, did not reckon with his desires, cheated, was too rough. Just need to analyze it with a cool head and immediately be taken as fact, not Cora herself.
About the situation, when a man really disappears without explanation, silent. Make sure everything valuable in the house on the spot, and forget about it. People who aren't able to explain to the woman, unworthy of your feelings.
Typical mistakes
Indulge the man in everything, including in the erotic plan. Former partner willing to take from you all the sexual offers, but a relationship to build. You need to earn the respect, not the reputation of a girl can be everything.
The time of the alleged coincidence to run into him, to fill with love letters and gifts as a sign of apology. Immediately after a breakup you associate with negative experiences. He needs to cool down and be alone with your feelings, and you should too.
To despair, to think only of him, to live in the past. Love, when we are ready to dissolve in an expensive person, is fleeting. In the more Mature phase of relationship I want to see a complete person. Like a guy will notice your personality, strength of character, intelligence, charm, when you do all this I forgot to reminisce about him?
If this is not your first novel, remember past parting. Then it seemed that life without the lost men impossible? In fact, everything turned out differently – you still seat up front.
Useful advice
The main rule in such a delicate matter, as the return of the former partner to do so he wanted to return. Not to hide their feelings, but not to be hung on the neck, behave with dignity, but not dismissive. From the heart take you love to distract yourself and not lose yourself. Don't live with one expectation that it will return, and – who knows – maybe life has prepared for you something else?

Advice 6: Like men going through a breakup of a relationship

Men are less sensitive natures than women. But for them the break of a long romantic relationship with someone you love never goes unnoticed.
Like men going through a breakup of a relationship

I feel men at parting?

When men break up with their mate, they are exactly the same as women experience painful feelings. It is difficult to realize that the person who was there, helped and supported in difficult times, allowed to hug and kiss you from now on will not be present in their lives. At first men feel a sense of loss and helplessness, they do not have their second half, they understand that they miss it and sometimes very much suffer from unrequited love.

The behavior of the men after a breakup?

Women after breaking up with her boyfriend often cry into my pillow at night, and in the afternoon they call and tell their friends about how hard it is, how I want to return the love. Men rarely do this. Most often they just shut down and cease to go out, answer phone calls, and messages on social networks, remaining alone with his thoughts.

Some representatives of the stronger sex, after parting with his lover, trying to drown sorrows in alcohol. This behavior is rarely able to help, because alcohol only temporarily cloud the mind, and once the intoxication takes place, there comes a hangover, which further exacerbates the situation and well-being of men.

The other guys after breaking up with his lover prefer not to be alone, they reconnect with old friends, meet and spend their free time with them to distract yourself from negative thoughts and longing for a departed soulmate.

Another option that some choose abandoned men is a quick replacement. Once they are alone, they begin to actively search for new women that would be able to outshine the previous unhappy love. That's just a new romantic relationship is rarely serious and often over only sexual relationships, and the momentary gap.

No matter how behaved the abandoned male, the girls in any case we should not lightly think that it easy experiencing the cessation of love relations with your partner. Just guys hiding their emotions and rarely share with others their pain and sadness. It is easier to say that everything is fine than to appear weak and humiliated.
Is the advice useful?