Compare with the standard

When you are faced with the need to measure a certain number of products, as kitchen scales are not at hand, it is necessary to go on cunning. How, for example, to measure 100 grams of cheese?

Standard packaging of the processed cheese (e.g. "Friendship") weighs about 100 grams. Think of the cheese, mentally hold it in your hands, feel its weight and volume. Remember? Now try to cut the same piece of cheese. Processed cheese and cheese have roughly equal density, so if you can cut a piece of cheese the size of packaging of the processed cheese, will receive approximately gold a piece.

The task is easier if you know roughly how much it weighs is a great piece which you have cut off 100 grams. All elementary: from a piece weighing 400 grams you need to separate a quarter, from 300-gram – a third, from 250 gram – slightly less than a third.

If these methods don't work for you, try to find a house object whose weight you know for sure. All of the factory products must contain on its packaging the weight. Note that the net weight means the weight of the product without packaging and the gross mass is the total weight of product and packaging. These values can vary significantly if the pack is heavy. Now that you have a reference gold sample, you can measure out a piece of cheese, focusing on him.

Also, remember that 1 milliliter of water weighs 1 gram. You can use a measuring Cup to measure out 100 grams and then cut the desired piece of cheese, focusing on water weight. If you don't have a measuring Cup, a normal glass of its standard volume is 200 milliliters.

Scales own hands

If you often need to measure the weight of products but don't want to spend money on a kitchen scale, use the old-fashioned method and make 100-gram model, which will always be at hand. Sew bag made of thick fabric and add to it 100 grams of salt, any kind of cereals or any other substance. Importantly, this filler was not perishable.

Of course, you can make several bags of different weights – for example, 50, 100, 200 and 500 grams. You can determine the approximate weight of the food, picking up these bags. And you can make the measurement process more accurate. To do this, take a normal hanger, hook to one end of the pouch of the required mass, and on the other end hang a bag and place the product that needs to be weighed. When both ends of the makeshift weights to be balanced – you have reached goal and cut a piece of the desired weight.