You will need
  • Scales, dimensional, or regular cups, teaspoon and tablespoon.
The easiest way is to use a cooking scale for obtaining the necessary amount of sugar. Of course, these scales can also be in error, especially if you weigh such a small amount of sugar as a hundred grams, but the probability of this is small.
If not weights, then use the special measuring Cup. It can be bought at any hardware store. As a rule, on the outer side of this glass caused the cutoff defining the desired amount of sugar. Filling the glass, you will always be able to see, not whether you took more or less the right amount.
If you have no weights, no glass, use improvised means such as a dining room and a tea-spoon or the usual glass of water. If we talk about the volume fits in a spoon of sugar, then you need to always keep in mind that the spoon should be full, with a small slide. To measure one hundred grams tablespoon, you need to scoop the sugar four times, in a regular large tablespoon contains about twenty-five grams. But if a tablespoon is smaller than the standard size, then drop it into the sugar bowl will have seven times, because in such a spoon will fit only fifteen grams of sugar. A teaspoon holds approximately seven grams of loose products, so to get a hundred grams of sugar should take fourteen and a half spoons. If you fill sugar in a regular Cup to the edge, you will get about two hundred and fifty grams. Filled with less than half a glass will accommodate this amount of sugar.