You will need
  • - measuring Cup;
  • - kitchen scales;
  • standard glass;
  • plastic bottle;
  • - Laundry gum;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • pencil.
At the pet store, you can offer special measuring Cup, which has a division corresponding to a specific weight of each kind of food. However, in General, these cups are designed for dog and cat food. Owners turtles, ferrets and some birds have to get out of their situation differently. Of course, such a Cup in any case useful. Ask the seller to weigh it first empty and then pour the desired amount of feed and make on the wall of the corresponding box.
You can use kitchen scales. Before weigh food, don't forget to weigh capacity. To determine the amount of feed actually needed from the total weight subtract the weight of the vessel.
In the absence of volumetric glassware take a plastic bottle suitable volume. Cut her neck. At the upper edge of the resulting glass puncture or penetrate the hole. Pass him with a clothes line and tie the elastic band of her ring. Ring clip any protruding from the vertical plane. For example, on the door handle. On the door with Scotch tape, fasten a sheet of white paper. Assume that 1 ml of water weighs 1 g. Respectively, in standard faceted glass holds 200 g of water. In stores of beverages sold in plastic bottles of different sizes, and you can almost always pick one that meets the necessary dosage of food.
Pour in a large bottle from a glass or a small bottle with a known volume the amount of water and take on the risk sheet, mark the position of bottom. Without removing the rubber band, pour the water, wipe and dry your homemade steelyard. For quick drying you can use a Hairdryer.
Begin to scoop food into the bottle. Watch the bottom. When it descend to the level of risks it will mean in the bottle is the right amount of food.