Alterations to any apartment complex and challenging task that requires serious preliminary work on the calculation of the maximum load on the construction and negotiation of changes in government. If your neighbor moves or cleans the walls at your own risk, remember that he risks not only his own apartment, but with your life, because weakened floors and overloaded supporting walls can bring down the whole building. Don't wait for trouble – inform the Supervisory authorities.

First of all, call the management company. They are responsible for the contents and the safety of the house as a whole, but because it is in their interest that all the walls remained in their places.
To help the managers must come to the Housing office. See on your own or in conjunction with the head of the management company to the inspection of your area. This should be done in writing. In the statement, specify your data: name and surname, address and telephone number, and state the complaint. You need to write who and where makes or has made illegal alterations, when. If you assume that because of the actions of a neighbor have worsened the technical characteristics of a building or hurt is your apartment, enter in what it is expressed. If you have photos, attach them. Well, if the complaint will sign and other neighbors: for a collective appeal to react faster.
If the domestic Inspectorate did not help, contact the Prosecutor's office by place of residence (in the district). The essence and form of the statement will be similar to what you submitted to the inspection, but the statement for the prosecution it is desirable to attach the response from the Inspectorate and, if it was made, the act examination.
The ultimate authority in the dispute between the neighbors. In court you can ask yourself or it will make the Prosecutor. In the preparation of the statement of claim, list all instances in which you appealed to court must attach evidence of redevelopment, this can be a photographic material or the statements of other owners.