If laptop you want to disable the mouse connected through a USB connector, just pull the plug out of the socket. No additional software or hardware changes to produce is not required.
To disable an embedded device cursor control - touchpad - easier to use "hot keys". It is a combination of simultaneously pressed buttons, one of which is the Fn key is placed at the beginning of the bottom row. The second should be one of the function keys. It is most likely that in your PC it will be F7 or F9, but laptop manufacturers can use for this combination and any of 12 function buttons of the top row of the keyboard.
A larger number of manipulations requires disabling the touchpad via the "control Panel" Windows. To open this panel press the Windows key and select the corresponding item in the right column of the main menu OS. In the list of topics panel, click "Hardware and sound", and the next page loaded, click "device Manager" under "Devices and printers".
In the device Manager window click on the triangle next to "Mice and other pointing devices", then right-click on the line "HID-compliant mouse". POPs up the context menu has the item "Disable", select it, and the problem will be solved.
You can also disable the touchpad in the settings panel BIOS, which will require restarting the computer. If you want to use this option, select in the main menu OS command reboot. After appearing in the bottom left corner of the screen prompts you to press a key (or key combination) to enter settings panel BIOS do this. In the panel, go to Advanced and set the value to Disabled in the line of the Internal Pointing Device. The name of the desired item in the base system I/o from different manufacturers may not match with what is specified here, the exact wording can be found in the description attached to the laptop. After changing settings, press Esc and when the screen asks you whether to save changes, confirm your choice.