While electrolysis removes unwanted hairs with an electrical pulse. The wizard inserts a special thin needle into a hair sack and putting forth a weak jolt of electricity, which kills the hair follicle. After this procedure the skin surface the formation of small crusts, which heal completely within 1-2 weeks. The disadvantage of this method is its tenderness. If you are particularly sensitive to pain, it is best to conduct electrolysis under local anesthesia. Also after the procedure there may be complications in the form of microareas, edema, pigmentation of the skin. However, this method is most effective in dealing with excess vegetation.
Also to get rid of hair in bikini area you can use hair removal. This method is based on removing the hair under the simultaneous influence of light and heat. However, in order to permanently forget about unwanted hair, you need to be at least ten sessions of hair removal. The interval between treatments must be large enough – two to three months. The disadvantages of this method include its tenderness and the appearance of redness on the skin, which, however, disappear within a few days. Photoepilation is not recommended for women with light or red hair, as the procedure will not give proper result. Also, before you visit a beautician it is not necessary to sunbathe or go to Solarium, to avoid the burn.
Another effective way to remove hair in the bikini area is laser hair removal. Hair follicles in this case is destroyed by heat, thus the best results are achieved in women with dark hair and light skin. After the procedure of laser hair removal, after a few days the hair will begin to fall out, and this process will last about two weeks. The course consists of 3-4 procedures with an interval between which is 2-3 months. Each procedure of laser therapy lasts no more than 10 minutes, and after completion of the skin does not remain any unpleasant consequences, besides ,it is absolutely painless.