Waxing bikini area - why it is needed

The bikini wax is needed not only in the summer during beach season. To remove very thick hair better throughout the year. First, it's easier to take care of the sexual organs. The smell and the drainage does not accumulate in the hair. Second, deep bikini - option to please people new sexual sensations. It is possible to remove the hair, not completely, but to cut out a beautiful pattern. Thirdly, the appearance becomes more aesthetic. The hairs do not stand out at too tight skirt or shorts.

Waxing - how to carry out the procedure at home

The pictures in the bikini area is easy to create with stencils that you can find on the Internet. For example, on the website of "brown" - famous manufacturer of shaving and hair removal.
Skin in the bikini area is very delicate, so it may be extremely unpleasant. To minimize them, practice on less painful parts of the body - legs, arms, armpits. After a few sessions you will know how much wax it is necessary to apply force and how to pull, so the pain was less.

For reviews, to help reduce pain during epilation of the bikini can plain lidocaine. This solution is sold in pharmacies and used in the treatment of teeth. Lidocaine to moisten cotton wool and wipe the spot of hair removal. Look at the clock. Fifteen to twenty minutes the medicine is supposed to act, you can apply the wax.
If the hair is too thick - it is better to entrust the waxing to the professionals. At home you can seriously damage the delicate skin.

The wax heat up to the desired temperature is thirty five to thirty seven degrees. Heat the container of wax in a microwave or in a water bath. Before you put on bikini wax, drip the wax on the back of your hand. If it burns, wait until they cool down.

Apply the wax with a special spatula in direction of hair growth. The layer should not be too thin, otherwise the hair gets. But not fat - then the wax will be difficult to unstick. The approximate thickness of a layer and a half - two millimeter.

Inflicting the wax on the bikini area, attach on top of the cotton strip. They are sold complete with wax. But you can use regular cloth napkins. They fasten on hair growth.

Take the strip for the bottom edge and pull sharply against the direction of hair growth. The stronger you pull, the more hair to remove. The strip with the wax on it you can use up to until it no longer stick to the hairs.