You will need
  • documents about registration of legal entity;
  • - a package of permits.
If you are just going to start selling beer, then you must register with the tax authority at the place of location of the organization a legal entity. Best of all the limited liability company. Those entrepreneurs who are already engaged in the sale of beer, also will not be able to obtain a license to sell, therefore will have to give it up or pass a re-registration procedure.
Next, you need to prepare a copy of certificates of registration and registration of legal entities together with the statutory documents of the company.
In addition, the tax Inspectorate will need to obtain a certificate stating that you are not debtors for the payment of taxes and fees.
If you have previously paid tax on imputed income, then you have to change the system of taxation, as a license is possible only under the General tax system.
When applying for a competition licence you will also need and the card of registration of cash, so you need to install at the point of sale cash register.
Don't forget to make copies of the certificates of fire inspection and sanitary-epidemiological service (and if not, then first get) the conformity of your trading object to their legal requirements.
If you are the owner of the premises, you will be asked to present copies of documents proving your right of ownership. Otherwise, you will need to provide for obtaining a license a copy of the lease agreement.
Next, you will need all the documents to provide to the licensing authority simultaneously with the writing of the application for a license.
After submission you will come to the Board and will test your point for compliance with the requirements for licence applicants.