Brain disease

Smell of acetone from the nose is often regarded as olfactory hallucination, which is a serious symptom of problems in the brain. As a rule, the lesion is associated with disturbances in the function of the cortical analyzer caused by traumatic brain injury, pituitary tumors or temporal lobe. Olfactory hallucinations can also be caused by infectious lesions occur and subsequently the inflammatory process. In some cases, schizophrenia or epilepsy can manifest with the symptom.

Diseases of other internal organs

Smell of acetone in the nose is a concomitant symptom of diabetes. The symptom can also manifest as a result of problems with the liver, for example, with lesions of hepatitis A or C. Sometimes smell cause disease of the pancreas. Often smell of acetone in the nose of the patient may indicate problems with the urinary or biliary systems. It can occur with flu, panic attack, hysteria, or neurasthenia.

Acetone can also be removed from the body, causing a smell in the nose. This phenomenon occurs most often in people who work in hazardous occupations or those who are long engaged in heavy physical exertion. Similar smell in the nose in people who are active in sports, is the result of decomposition of molecules of fat into glucose and ammonia. The latest, and causes the appearance of the symptom.

Diagnosis of diseases

Since this manifestation is typical for a large number of diseases, diagnosis can only be a specialist after diagnostic procedures. In the absence of patient complaints about the deterioration and the absence of other possible symptoms, your doctor may prescribe an MRI of the brain, to be able to diagnose certain tumors or inflammation. In some cases, you may be assigned echoencephalography.

If the results of the analysis of the brain was good, your doctor may order tests of your urine and blood to diagnose other possible pathology. According to the research results it is possible to determine deviations in the functioning of certain organs and to appoint additional diagnostic procedure or treatment, if the diagnosis the doctor seems fairly accurate. After the treatment of the disease itself is a symptom of a smell of acetone from the nose disappear. To cure it is important to follow the instructions prescribed by a doctor.