Odor - end to his career

Unpleasant mouth odor could ruin the professional career of a person or cause unsettled personal life. There is a special medical term, which indicates a stale breath from the mouth is halitosis. Physiological halitosis is observed at all in the morning. To remedy such disadvantage, it is enough to brush my teeth. A similar phenomenon is observed after eating garlic, onions, cabbage.

Pathological halitosis - this is a serious disease that affects a quarter of the population of the Earth. Here will not help neither gum nor mints, and even sprays. To determine how the smell of the breath, very simply hold the palm of your hand and simultaneously cover the mouth and nose, then exhaling. This smell people have when communicating with a person. There are special devices that determine the composition of the exhaled air. And by this structure it is possible to determine the cause of the bad smell.

The reasons can be the following: inadequate oral hygiene, teeth and gum disease, the inflammatory process in the oral cavity, insufficient moisture of mucous membranes in the mouth. To cope with these problems will help in dental clinics. They will conduct dental treatment prescribe drugs to eliminate inflammation. Bad oral hygiene leads to the fact that the multiply and accumulate germs and debris.

Serious disease causes unpleasant odor

There are other causes of bad breath. They are already linked to more serious diseases, particularly diseases of individual organs. Sore throat, runny nose, gastrointestinal tract, lung disease, thyroid disorder are all causes of bad breath in one out of ten. You can't dismiss tobacco use in identifying the causes of bad breath.

By the smell you can already determine what is the cause. So smell of rotten eggs may indicate the process of putrefaction of protein foods. If odors present in addition to abdominal pain, it can be the symptoms of gastritis. If you feel bitter taste, you should pay attention on the gallbladder and liver. The smell of feces indicates a malfunction of the intestine. Diabetes may be smell of acetone.