Inflammatory diseases

Most often, pain in the lungs are concentrated in the bronchi, pleura or trachea, so their definitions need to be able to find out the nature of the pain. When the pain on one side and aggravated by cough discomfort, most likely the problem is a common pleurisy. You can confirm the diagnosis if to go on the side that hurts – this will limit the pleura in mobility and the pain will gradually subside. To treat dry pleurisy should immediately because it is prone to transition to a pleural effusion, which is characterized by dry, hysterical cough, ending only after the accumulation of exudate.

Pleural effusion is a symptom of such serious diseases as tuberculosis, therefore, the appearance of his symptoms measures should be taken immediately.

If the pain is caused by a severe infection for example, pneumonia, pain in the chest accompanied by chills and fever. In addition, pneumonia is characterized by shortness of breath, redness of face, blue lips and other symptoms characteristic of infection. Pneumonia usually begins with a painful dry cough, later rolling in the wet, with expectoration of blood and mucus. The appearance of these symptoms you need to go to the hospital and go to hospital.

Other lung diseases

The pain caused by other diseases of the lungs, is less common than pneumonia and pleurisy. Typically, it may cause pneumothorax – spontaneous disease that occurs as a result of lung tumors or traumas. The main symptom of pneumothorax is a sharp pain in the chest that increases with breathing or increase of load. This pain lasts a long time, accompanied by dry cough, paleness, severe weakness, low blood pressure, palpitations, sweating and shortness of breath.

The main feature of pneumothorax is the attempt of the patient to sit up to ease the pain in his chest.

Pain of other origin in the lung area can be called by a variety of reasons up to diseases of other organs, pain which radiates into the lungs and forcing people to suspect a non-existent problem. To accurately determine the cause of the pain in the lungs, it is necessary to do chest x-rays or a CT scan.