Lung disease is very difficult to diagnose, as even very strong changes may not cause any symptoms.

What causes heaviness while breathing

Heaviness in chest, difficulty breathing and shortness of breath can be caused by the common cold, and serious lung diseases. Colds these symptoms may be caused by accumulation of phlegm in the bronchi and obstruction of its discharge. As a cold does not exclude inflammatory processes of the respiratory system. More advanced pathological changes of the lungs is obstructive bronchitis or bronchial asthma. Also, we cannot exclude an allergic rhinitis which can be caused by various allergens (dust, food, bloom and so on).

How to find out the exact cause

Of course, you do not understand what is happening with light and why. The only thing that can indicate lung disease is that the exhale was given heavier and protegee than inhale and exhale can sometimes cause wheezing. When such symptoms an urgent need to contact the doctor and undergo a series of examinations. A doctor who deals with problems of the lungs – pulmonologist.

Some of the research and analyses necessary

To constantly monitor the condition of the lungs, must annually pass fluorographic research. Also the main indicator of lung function is VC (vital capacity), which is determined with the help of spirography. If you suspect an allergic nature of the problem, you need to consult an allergist, who will prescribe allergiesthe to certain allergens.

How to deal with such symptoms

If breathing is very difficult, you can try antihistamines (suprastin, claritin, etc.). With the stagnation of phlegm expectorant use different syrups or tablets (syrup of plantain, licorice, Bromhexine and many others). A more serious medications prescribed by your doctor after establishing the cause. In bronchial asthma used corticosteroids, hormonal drugs, which are potent anti-edematous and healing drugs, their use can lead to serious consequences.

Timely clinical examination and monitoring of lung will help to prevent unwanted development of diseases of different nature.