Not always the chest pain felt when breathing, evidence of pulmonary disease. The pain may be felt in the respiratory muscles after excessive load on it – it happens, for example, after severe repeated vomiting.

If the onset of pain was preceded by a fall or blow to the chest (for example, when a traffic accident), the cause of pain is bruised or fractured ribs. In this case, the victim must be urgently taken to the hospital. It must be transported in policecitizen position by the application of cold to the chest.

Lung disease

Chest pain when breathing are the typical signs of pneumonia (pneumonia). Other manifestations of this disease is high temperature, cough, a hard, wheezing breath.

No less serious danger is a pulmonary embolism – a blockage by a blood clot of one or more of the arteries that supply the lungs. Along with sudden pain when breathing there is a shortness of breath, sweating, blue discoloration of the skin, coughing up blood.
Pain when breathing and coughing is characterized by pleurisy – inflammation of the lining that surrounds the lungs. The pain may be dull or sharp, like a burning sensation. Other symptoms of pleurisy – dry cough, chills, fever, shortness of breath.
All these diseases are quite serious and can be dangerous for life, so if you notice such symptoms should immediately call a physician, without resorting to self-medication.

Diseases of other organs

Pain when breathing may occur during exacerbation of osteochondrosis afflicting the thoracic spine. In this case there is a stabbing pain in the chest, "forcing" the patient to adopt a certain posture and hold my breath. Pain can occur not only during inspiration but also during expiration. To remove such a condition is possible only by injection of the anesthetic – it makes the doctor "Ambulance", then you should contact the therapist.

Dull pain when breathing and coughing combined with a high temperature evidence the costal chondrite – inflammation of the cartilage in the joints of the ribs with the breastbone. The deeper the breath the more the pain. When you press your fingers on the chest pain increases.

Pain in chest when breathing occurs and cardiac diseases, for example, at an attack of angina, which is popularly called "angina pectoris." The pain arises suddenly during physical or emotional exertion, accompanied by shortness of breath, feeling of fullness in the chest, an attack lasts up to 15 minutes.

If the pain is felt in the mid chest or left side, accompanied by shortness of breath lying down, malaise, temperature 37-37,5, we are talking about pericarditis – inflammation of the serous membrane that surrounds the heart.