Hacking dry cough that does not go more than 2 weeks can be a symptom of cancer. But don't panic immediately, sometimes the cough is a manifestation of bronchitis, and not a more serious disease. In any case, better contact the hospital and make at least a chest x-ray. If your condition will cause suspicion of the doctors, you will be given a more thorough examination of the lungs on modern equipment.
More accurate symptoms can be considered: the mucus from the lungs greenish color, blood in the sputum, choking because of the reduction of lumen of the bronchi. Not always all these symptoms are observed on a few with pain, but they are about as fast as possible to go to the hospital. If the discharge from the lungs is accompanied by excruciating pain is definitely cancer, we must not tarry. Some varieties of tumor grow instantly, without giving a chance to survive.
Peripheral cancer is not always manifested in certain symptoms, often pain appears in the chest area without specific localization. Moreover, that particular cough may not be. Peripheral cancer does not hurt the large bronchi, and therefore asymptomatic. If you feel pain in the area of the lung or one side of the chest, go to your GP and explain your concerns. Next you will give a direction for tests and further examination.
General weakness and slight fever can also be precursors of cancer. Constant tiredness, lethargy, feeling of intoxication was carrying a good reason, it often manifests itself in the early stages of the disease and not always light, and sometimes cancer of other organs. As metastasis the condition will begin to deteriorate. If you start suddenly to feel bad - call in the hospital.