You will need
  • antibiotics, expectorant drugs, multivitamins, probiotics;
  • – syringes, droppers;
  • – sterile wipes, gauze;
  • sets of underwear and bed linen;
  • – capacity for sputum;
  • thermometer;
  • – drink plenty of liquids;
  • – light, non-greasy food
Pneumonia usually breaks out suddenly and manifests itself very rapidly, aggressively. Although often it is sluggish without causing any high temperature, no vomiting, no fever. But this should not reassure the bed is still required. Pneumonia, like influenza, it is dangerous to transfer on your legs.
If sick young child, it must lay on its side in case of vomiting he doesn't choke. In infants it is impossible to swaddle the chest. When the acute stage has passed, it often need to shift from side to side, to hold vertically.
If the patient is choking, lay him up, so that the chest was raised. Always make sure that the inflow of the fresh air. Only you can't have a draft!
In General, ventilate the room, do wet cleaning more often. If warm outside, let always will open a window and winter window. That the room is not cooled unnecessarily, for the window pull the gauze.
Sick with pneumonia in the first few days are usually sweating heavily. It is time to change underwear and bed linen. In skin, nasal cavity and mouth also need hygienic care. A shower can be done wet wiping.
In pneumonia the patient should drink plenty of fluids. If the heart is no problem, you can give up to half to two litres of warm drinks. It is advisable to vary them, alternating weak tea with infusion of rose hips, boiled water, acidified with lemon, juices, mineral water without gas, compotes.
In the first days of the disease the patient need only be given meals that are easily digested. This strained the chicken broth, and low-fat boiled meat, and pureed vegetables. Further, food may be tight. Do not give fatty food, especially pork dishes, goose, duck, and cakes, pastries – sweets increase inflammatory processes.
When pneumonia is assigned a comprehensive treatment. First of all is a injection of antibiotics with strict observance of intervals between them. The compulsory acceptance of expectorant drugs. Sputum should be regularly collected in hermetically closed ware. In addition, the assigned multivitamin, and after a course of antibiotics – drugs that restore beneficial intestinal microflora.
Fever may persist for up to four days. Bed rest is required during the period of heavy intoxication. And when its symptoms disappear, it is time to move on polupostelny mode, more and to sit and to walk.
And as soon as the body temperature will be normal, you can start chest compressions and exercises therapeutic exercises. They stimulate the blood flow, prevent the formation of adhesions, strengthen the heart muscle and help to regain the lost strength.
For young children developed technique of therapeutic exercises with game elements based on fairy tales. Breathing exercises are encouraged to run, mimicking the gurgling sounds of the porridge, broken balls, etc.
Already during the acute stage of pneumonia prescribe courses of physiotherapeutic procedures: first, the treatment of ultra-high frequencies, and then electrophoresis. They accelerate resorption of inflammatory foci in the lungs. Stable at normal temperature prescribed sessions of diathermy, amplipulsetherapy, treatment with an alternating magnetic field.