At first glance it may seem that you hit a dead end. However, surprisingly, even this situation can be resolved. Actually ways out of this impasse, there are many, below are just some of them.
To open the trunk in the simplest way, try to do the following. Sharply hit the hand on the back of the body, a little above the place where is located the license plate.
If this does not work, grab a thin screwdriver or an awl and pierce the rubber seal of the trunk under lock and key. Feel the hook of the locking device and push down with force on it. Then cover the trunk should open. Then just repair or replace the lock of the trunk Kalina.
For women, and not only that, there is another option. If the lock of the trunk suddenly out of order, ask for help to the inspector, the first one will meet on the road. It for 10 seconds you open the trunk, regardless of the model of the car. You can be sure of this because while training future inspectors learn exactly how to do it.
Another option of opening the lock: try to sneak in the Luggage compartment directly from the car. To do this, just remove the back seat. Of course, it helps if your trunk is not filled to the top with things. But even in this situation, you can find the exit. Most importantly – think and the solution will come into your head by itself.
As you can see, the task of opening the lock of the trunk vases in any case is the need to open the trunk, and then to resort to repair the shutter. So don't waste a lot of time trying to figure out why the lock failed. Be smart and try to open the lid of the trunk, and then to work with the lock will be much easier.