You will need
  • metal long ruler;
  • - wire;
  • - screwdriver.
If you need to get inside the car but the doors only open with the key, not the key FOB (or the whole set with the keys and key FOB locked in the car) try this method. Pry off the metal frame of the front door on top of the roof, insert into the formed opening an object for fixation. To bend the frame with a metal knife or screwdriver. If the doors are opened using the Central locking button, take a long stick. Through the opening push the stick to the salon and try to click the Central locking button. The button can be in two places – in the driver's door and the console between the seats. To open the locking button in the car, make a wire hook or a loop and try to hook the button and pull up.
If the frame of the door bend failed, remove the outer weatherstrip from the front glass. Insert between the glass and the door line or wire with a hook and try to hook the metal pin on the latch and pull up.
At the very least, break the glass and through him reach for the door handle. But before you hit glass, find out its cost. The fact that most car owners resorting to this extreme measure, beat back a small glass. And when his replacement turns out that it is the most expensive. So if you go to this extreme act, only minimizing all of the subsequent spending.
If the car was parked on the guard after opening the door the alarm went off. If the keys and FOB is lost, you will not be able to disable it. Even the emergency shutdown system by means of button Valet is only possible with the ignition on. You can only try to find the control unit alarm and shut down the system through it.
If all independent attempts to open the door is not successful, contact technical support on the roads. You will come, open the door a master key, and, if necessary, will remove the ignition and make a new key that will be useful for the first time until you order a new key.
To recover the lost keys, see your dealer or an authorised mechanic. For the manufacture of new key you will require a vehicle documents – certificate of vehicle registration, DMV, your passport and power of attorney (if the owner is not you). If the key was with a chip, it will produce again and preprogramming.