Find someone who wants to teach you

We must note that to become a tattoo artist is not very easy. This will require a lot of time and a lot of money. If you have artistic taste and skills of the artist, it is very helpful to master the technique of printing. You need to consider that only a small percentage of working artists tattoos gaining disciples and teach them skills. To master this art possible and in special courses.

If you want to become a tattoo artist, spend your time visiting the various tattoo parlours, you can try to build relationships with existing masters-artists. In some cases, you can afford to watch the process and even answer questions.

Do not miss the chance to watch the tattoo artist. In the process you will be able to understand whether you are attracted still the idea of such a work, will get the opportunity to assess how difficult the drawing. Show master a portfolio of your artwork if you have it. If the tattoo artist is open to dialogue, have him aid in the creation of sketches as a thank you for the opportunity to become better acquainted with the art of tattooing.

If your work is like the tattoo artist and he needs disciples, you have the chance to undergo training and to work in the salon of his teacher. Imagination and talent in the art of tattooing is the primary, but technique is also very important, so be more attentive in the learning process. If the first master did not want to take you as a disciple, do not despair, walk around to other salons.

Creativity and safety

Keep in mind that the profession of a tattoo artist implies not only free art, but a certain, relatively high degree of responsibility. After the tattooing hygiene requirements must be adhered to strictly.

If your city tattoo parlors are not very many, find out if nearby is one of the tattoo festivals. At these events you can see many famous tattooists, some of which open their own schools, where you can try to get. It is advisable to communicate with these masters live, to see their work up close, this will allow you to make more deliberate and conscious choice. Be sure to take to this festival my portfolio, it should be diverse and well decorated. Don't be afraid to show your works of famous masters. In such a closed area, like a tattoo, it is very important to assert yourself and to establish contacts.