What affects the cost of tattoos

First, the price effect will be the tattoo in color or black and white. Depend on the quantity of spent paint and the overall complexity of the work. If you are contemplating a large and colorful figure in the whole of the back with various hues, it is important to understand that it will always be more expensive than the same picture in black and white.

Secondly, a strong influence on the cost of having the future site of the tattoo. Here the important parameter is the number of folds in the skin, its elasticity, the proximity of the bones. The easiest way to do the tattoos on his arms, chest.

Thirdly, the cost depends greatly on who and where will do you a tattoo. A man can be a great specialist, has done for 1000 tattoos at various places with great equipment. But it could be a beginner who will probably make the picture crooked. To solve certainly to you, but to strive for savings in this matter is impossible.

Fourth, the influence upon the price of the finished sketch. Otherwise you will have to describe to the master what you want. He, in turn, first you need to draw a rough image that you approve of or not.

Information about the work of tattoo artist

Because of this the number of components of the cost of tattoo artist came to the formation of the final prices on the basis of the time spent to result. On average, one hour of time is estimated at 1000. But there are tattoos that are done in 30 minutes to an hour. For this, it was decided to use the minimum cost of a tattoo. It usually ranges from 2 to 3 thousand rubles.

No need to worry that a tattoo artist specially is stalling for time, basically all they are the owners of their salons and as such they have no plan. That is, they work and pleasure, too, if they see that spent more time than you need, and the price tag turns into a round figure, you will most likely get a discount.

No need to rush the wizard to finish faster. He himself will not do and it can affect your health, because the skin is very delicate. And if you say that you have to wait until it is healed. On skin that it is impossible to work, and the consequences can be very dire.

Some people are very sensitive to this pain, because painkillers can be used. Of course, you should not be allergies or other intolerance. All this should be prescribed in the contract to avoid any unpleasant consequences. Its the responsibility of both parties to the process.