The licensing dokumentatsii the fact that at the moment in the Russian legislation there is no definition of a tattoosalonand get a check fairly easy. Therefore, this process is better to entrust to companies that render services in registration of firms. This will help you avoid errors and significantly reduces the time.
Accommodation selection Tattoosalon is by area, not much space for 15-30 sq. m. Therefore, it is possible to rent a room in the Barber shop, in the fitness or business centers. When choosing a room, you must also consider the place utility of materials (linen, clean towels, etc.) should also fit showcase with samples of the piers, inks, tattoo machines and other necessary equipment.
Purchase of equipment and mobilesecurity furniture necessary for the comfort of visitors and for staff. Equipment must be purchased, of course, the tattoo machine and the laser for removing tattoos. If the tattoo you want to have body piercing, body art, permanent makeup, creating dreadlocks, braids, African hairstyles or erotic cuts, then you will also need to purchase additional equipment.
Search Masterov unfortunately, good artists in tattooing in our country is not enough. He must have a medical education or a certificate of completion for medical courses. Because it needs to have an idea about the structure of the human body, to understand the asepsis and antiseptics, to be able to do anesthesia, etc. Necessarily the availability of medical books with all provisions of vaccination. To select the master should be in his portfolio, so to verify the suitability of this candidate, be sure to view photos of previously completed work. Salary usually tattoo artists piece and is defined as the percentage of the value of the work performed. On average, the salonremains at 50-70% of the cost of the tattoo.
Marketing is the Last thing left to consider before opening a tattoosalonand I love this show. The competition in this area, though small, but still it's there. So do not give up advertising company. As a means to attract the client you can use billboards, placement of information about your salone in different directories, participation in specialized exhibitions and others to effectively promote the salonand retaining loyal customers, all funds contributed to your tattoosalon, will pay off very quickly.