Update using device Manager

There are two ways, the result will be that the user has updated drivers for Nvidia graphics cards. The first of these is an update using regular operating system tools. Click "start," then navigate to "control Panel", then in the window "device Manager". In addition, this paragraph can be replaced by clicking the left mouse button on the object properties of "My computer" where one should make the transition to "device Manager".

In the appeared tree list and select the "display Adapters". Next, click the right mouse button, then a pop up will appear, where you should navigate to the item "Properties". In the window that appears select the tab "Driver", in which click on the "Update" button. Give a positive answer to the proposal of a system to perform a search and install them automatically. After that, the system will be installed the updated driver if there is a newer version.

Update from the official Nvidia website

The second method updates drivername ensure is done through Internet browser through which you need to get on the official resource of the company Nvidia. Being already on the manufacturer's website, there should be a change to the tab "Support", and thence to the form reserved for custom drivers to be loaded.

In the form that appears, choosing from all the pop-up options one should specify the parameters of the product, such as: the type series, a family of platform and bitness of the operating system as well as your preferred installation language. Next you will see a link to download the required installation file.

After the file is downloaded, it will decompress itself, checks for supported devices, will determine the need to install new video drivers Nvidia. It will then either process the installation of the drivers and then rebooting the system, or the installer will cancel the installation process, explaining in detail before the user action information in the pop-up window.

It is worth mentioning that the drivers for some Nvidia video adapters may not always be indicated in the list of compatible devices in the downloaded update. These cards usually have the name of the marker "M", for example, 650M, 520M, etc., to indicate that the graphics device is specialized to work in laptops. All the necessary actions in this case are placed in the downloading a fresh version of the driver from the laptop manufacturer.