To get started, download from the Internet you need sets of drivers. First install chipset driver
Download the chipset driver you need depending on who is the manufacturer of your CPU Intel, AMD or nVidia. Download the appropriate driver, install it and restart the system for the changes to take effect.
Then install the graphics card driver. Determine the type of graphics card installed in the laptop — view the technical specifications or determine the model type of the processor. In laptops Intel video card can be ATI and nVidia, and the integrated graphics card from Intel. In the notebooks based on AMD graphics card installing ATI and nVidia. Install the exact model of the graphics card.
Locate the downloaded driver and start the installation and then restart the system again. If you are installing the driver for ATI Radeon pre-download and install Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 for stable and correct drivers.
Now install the sound card drivers. Check what your sound card in device Manager or in the documentation notebook. Most often it is the integrated sound card Synaptics. Install the driver and restart the computer.
Drivers for the touchpad are installed entirely analogous, but in most cases, the touchpad will work without them.
Next, determine the manufacturer of your Ethernet controller, find the drivers any downloaded and start the installation. If your laptop is built on Intel with nVidia chipset, in this step, no need driver Ethernet installed with chipset drivers.
Then install the drivers for the Wi-Fi device and the card reader after selecting their models and manufacturers. Install the modem driver.
If necessary, install drivers for TV-tuner and web-camera. Installing the driver for your camera model, you can download and install additional software for the camera that will add more convenience to work with it.
For Acer laptop is a very important driver, without which they cannot work properly. I needed a utility called Launch Manager, and if you have Acer – don't forget to download it and install, then reboot.
Finally, determine whether your laptop is Bluetooth. If the adapter is there, get the information about the adapter model and download the driver for it. Then run the Bluetooth and install the driver.