What is bruxism?

Before you start to understand the causes of grinding teeth in your sleep, you need to understand the root of the phenomenon of creaking the teeth. Scientific medical language, this habit is called bruxism. The name comes from the Greek word, which means "creaking". In fact, scientists and doctors still have not figured out how to classify bruxism. Some attribute it to disease, others to bad habits, others to the characteristics of human physiology. For example, if you look at snoring or conversations of a man in a dream, nobody finds this surprising.

What causes a person to grind their teeth during sleep?

Causes of creaking the teeth during sleep in adults and in children can be a lot. But doctors distinguish among four main categories. The first category is the inability to Express your anger in real life. In adults, the phenomenon of gnashing of teeth in sleep is often an expression of emotional state. Perhaps the person that is angry or irritating. But in reality he can not show their negative feelings in some circumstances. Because men are more decisive, usually for that grind their teeth at night women.

The second category is people with malocclusion. Also the cause of creaking the teeth during sleep may serve poorly supplied seal. It works like this: during the active phase of sleep happens to be a natural muscle tension, resulting in incorrectly customized seals RUB against each other, which creates the rattle.

The third category – genetic predisposition. Very often what happens is that if the parents grind their teeth at night, this habit will be inherited and children. The same applies to the conversations in my sleep and snoring. The only caveat is the children of these phenomena can be less pronounced and eventually is the abyss.

The fourth category includes people who have a suspicion of worms. Often, watching the creaking of the teeth during sleep in children, people believe this phenomenon is a sure sign of the presence of worms in the body of the child. But this statement has no medical validity. In fact quite often the reason for this habit becomes emotional condition or incorrectly supplied seal. If, after a night of creaking the teeth of the child, there is no pain in muscles and joints, or headaches, you should not worry. As they grow, a bad habit will disappear.

How to stop teeth grinding at night?

To get rid of the creak teeth in a dream through appeal to the dentist for special devices – Burr. They protect the teeth from abrasion and eliminate the unpleasant sound. You can also go to a psychologist specialist. It will help to deal with the individual fears and worries.