Sleep disturbance

Often restless sleep of a child worrying mothers and fathers, especially if the little twitches. During sleep startle many children. Most often this phenomenon can be observed in the first year of life. Any pediatrician will reassure you by explaining that it is quite natural and normal. In medicine it is referred to as "myoclonia sleep". To make sure that it really is a normal physiological condition, to understand the phases of child sleep.

Dream newborn baby is divided into the same phase as that of an adult. But it has fundamental differences. Starts any sleep since falling asleep. After that there is the alternation of deep and superficial sleep. Next comes the period of full awakening. It is in the alternation of sleep there are fundamental differences of adult and children's sleep.

An adult most of the time sinking into a deeper phase. His superficial sleep lasts usually no more than 2 hours per night. In young children the opposite. Their deep phase sometimes gives way to long superficial sleep.
In this period there wince, partial awakening, changes in facial expression.

This inherent nature. It should be noted that the surface dream baby contributes to the full maturation of his brain. He has a special place in the correct development of the child.


Sleep when the baby shudders periodically, and may last up to 5 years, and in some cases longer. Perhaps in this moment your toddler sees a restless sleep. The reason can also be irritability during wakefulness. If you really wary of this condition, try to perform the conditions in which your child sleeps.

Every night, before bedtime, ventilate the room. The room should not be cold or hot. The optimal temperature in the room – 18-21оС. Babies before bed, experts recommend to bathe. By the way, a relaxing bath will also appeal to older children. Don't forget that before bedtime are excluded too emotional and active games.
Also, the child should not be overfed or hungry.

If in compliance with all the proposed recommendations, twitching in a dream did not stop, seek help from a doctor (pediatrician or neurologist). A qualified expert examining the condition of your child, will give valuable advice and may prescribe the necessary treatment.