The reasons that coffee weak

Many coffee lovers say its mild laxative effect. On someone's digestion drink is stronger, someone softer, but few are those who will say that the coffee he is not under the influence. Laxative effect is due to the fact that coffee stimulates peristalsis – that is, tones small and large intestine, thereby improving the movement of their content. Moreover, this effect is not caffeine, even decaffeinated drink continues to act the same way. Sometimes a laxative effect of coffee is so great that the chair is the person becomes liquid.

There is a misconception about what laxative is coffee with milk. In fact, coffee is weak in itself, without any milk. But milk on its own effect on bowel function, and it is also capable of functioning without coffee.

You can often hear that coffee is a strong diuretic. In fact, if you don't abuse this drink, and your Cup size is relatively small, then a diuretic effect you will notice. It leads to immoderate use of coffee, more than 500-600 ml per day. It is important to understand the fact that soon after drinking a Cup of coffee the person has a desire to go to the toilet, cannot be considered a diuretic, just "processing" by the body fluids occurs very quickly, within 10-20 minutes.

Does coffee on weight loss

Often people think of coffee, thanks to the light over laxative and diuretic effects can make them more slender. Not to say that it is absolutely deceitful, but it is important to understand exactly how coffee. First, it increases blood pressure and accelerates metabolism, which in General leads to the fact that the body quickly recycles your energy reserves.

In coffee contains substances: phenolic compounds, peridin and b vitamins P, which contribute to the breakdown of fat cells. These substances are effective in particular when applied topically. This is why coffee wraps can be a little help in the fight against cellulite.

Sometimes you can hear a strange how to lose weight with coffee. This drink spoils, while in itself it is, without adding milk and sugar, has almost no energy value. So sometimes people drink it to survive longer without food. But it's not a healthy way to reduce appetite, so do not abuse it.