Why coffee may cause heartburn

Coffee by itself has a slightly increased acidity, additionally, it contributes to irritation of the gastric mucosa. Thanks to this, the secretion of hydrochloric acid begins to occur with greater intensity, which leads to heartburn.

Additionally, coffee relaxes the sphincter muscle, which is the path of food in the human body there are several. The function of the sphincter muscles that solid and liquid food, passing forward, would not have had the opportunity to go back. If the muscles relax, the hydrochloric acid from the stomach enters the esophagus, which is the cause of irritation, which is called heartburn.

If you constantly suffer from heartburn after drinking coffee, try drinking it with milk as it softens the effects of drink, that helps prevent heartburn. If this does not help, it only remains to move on to other drinks such as green tea.

How heartburn occurs

Strictly speaking, heartburn can cause any product, but some foods do it more often and easier. Heartburn occurs when the sphincter of the stomach can not cope with their responsibilities. This usually occurs due to an excess of gastric juice, but there are other possible causes. For example, if the pressure in abdominal cavity increases too much (this happens when a person has overeaten or drank too much liquid), when the clothing on a person is too close, and when weight lifting immediately after meals. There are other possible causes of this kind.

If heartburn happens you have the time, this is a serious reason in order to consult a doctor. Is that enough of the diet to exclude certain foods, and a stomach condition is normalized. Sometimes heartburn is also a signal that the person developing any disease of the gastrointestinal tract. It is better to identify at the earliest stage, when it's pretty easy to fix.

How to prevent heartburn

Despite the abundance of medications to help deal with heartburn, it is better not abused. Instead, try to change your way of life. Do not pass in any case, avoid eating before bedtime. Chew your food well that it has done in the body as slowly as possible.

You can drink herbal teas from plants such as wormwood and other bitter herbs, to use the gentian root. Helps in the fight against heartburn ginger that helps to get rid of excess gastric juice.