You will need
  • drink from chicory;
  • - instant coffee;
  • green tea;
  • - fresh juices.
Stop drinking coffee slowly, because you don't need stress from the sudden change of lifestyle. The duration of getting rid of this habit depends on the amount of drink that you consumed before. Stopping to get coffeein sharply, you may encounter withdrawal syndrome – fatigue, headache, drowsiness, nausea, stomach pain and depression.
Consider a schedule of gradual reduction of the number of cups of coffeeyou drink per day. You can try replacing your favorite coffeemug Cup you smaller capacity. For example, if the Cup volume was 300ml, now drink from the dish with a capacity of 200-250ml. Reduce the number of mugs, you can get rid of 1-3 pieces a day.
Buy coffee without coffeeina, soluble coffee and chicory drink. Try replace that your usual strong coffee. Gradually, through one Cup of drink drink with no coffeein.
Relax more, to not be irritable and tired during working hours. Ventilate the room for sleeping – fresh air helps to sleep tight. Pick completely satisfied with your bedding, pillow, mattress, blanket, linen.
Do not take ambien in the morning after use to Wake up very difficult. You will feel overwhelmed and will again resort to using coffeeto perk me up.
Getting out of bed, open the curtains – the sun will signal the brain that it is time to Wake up. Take charge and run into the shower. In your Breakfast will definitely include protein food, it contributes to the rapid switching of the body at the Wake.
Include in the list of drinks you replacing coffeegreen tea. There is enough coffeein, although less than in coffee. Discover the fresh fruit and vegetable juices to boost your energy for the whole day. The more your diet will be the healthy drinks, the less you will depend on another Cup of coffee.