What are the risks of excessive coffee drinking?

Daily coffee, you can drink a grown bangs without serious health problems – two cups. And utensils should be regularly volume of 250 milliliters and more, and the little coffee Cup is 120-150 ml. If a person consumes more than the established norm for a long time, then it increases the risk of such diseases as osteoporosis. The fact that excessive consumption of refreshing drink prevents the body from absorbing vitamins and minerals that a person receives from food. It is precisely the lack of these substances provokes a decrease in bone density. This phenomenon is often seen in people of advanced age. However, medicine known cases where osteoporosis develops at a young age, and the cause is large consumption of coffee. To reduce the harmful effects of the drink by adding milk.

People who consume large amounts of coffee a day are at risk of anemia, as the drink prevents proper absorption of iron by the body. It may have a negative impact on the overall human condition. Because iron is an important component, it is not only involved in the transport of oxygen and are involved in enzyme reactions. Those people who suffer from iron deficiency, you feel constant fatigue, dizziness and General malaise. Such patients need to consult a physician. Most likely, the specialist will recommend to limit coffee consumption either during treatment or at all.

The experiments have shown that people who consume daily more than six cups of coffee at risk of cardiovascular disease. Refreshing drink enhances function of the heart, quickens the pulse, raises the blood pressure. So those people who have heart disease, drinking coffee is not recommended.

But is there any benefit from coffee?

Doctors say that consumption of coffee more than two cups a day the risk of developing diabetes is reduced by 50%. There is a perception that this drink restores tissue sensitivity to insulin. It positively affects the processes of blood-sugar control.

For people suffering from low blood pressure, coffee will help to raise him to the status of norms. Recommended to drink freshly brewed beverage, from instant coffee no good.

Hence the simple conclusion: coffee drinking is possible and necessary, but in moderation, not abusing drink. A reasonable approach will allow to avoid negative consequences and to the potential use of the favorite coffee.