To reach Kursk from the bus station "Novoyasenevskaya". The station is located in Novoyasenevsky tupik, 4 possession. Nearby are metro station and bus stop "Bitsa Park." In the reference bus can call at +7 (495) 426 87 51.
To a designated point ride a bus with the route Moscow — Rylsk and Moscow — Sochi. Daily at 10:10 bus connection to the city of Ryl'a departs from the station "Novoyasenevskaya". Journey time is 10 hours and 35 min. of Transport grants FE Karpov V. V. the Kursk bus station the bus arrives at 20:45. With the same route bus rides on certain days at 20:10. The days of operation should be clarified by reference phone. Ticket price — 700 p. the Bus passes through the bus stations of the cities of Mtsensk, Orel, Kromy, Trosna, Fatezh.
This bus station daily at 21:00 the bus following from Moscow to Kurchatov. It takes 10 hours 10 mins time. The bus arrives in Kursk the next day at 07:10. The vehicle belongs to "Eskulap". The ticket price is 850 p. the Route lies through the city of Plavsk, Mobile, Mtsensk and Orel highway, Zheleznogorsk and Fatezh.
There is an option to drive from Kursk bus to Paveletsky railway station in Moscow. The bus station is on St. Dubininskaya, 11/17, page 1, near the metro station "Paveletskaya". Information about flights can be learn by phone +7 (495) 507 78 88. Flight Moscow — Pervomaisk departs from the station at 20:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. The bus arrives at the bus station of Kursk in 02:37 the next day. Travel time takes 6 hours 37 mins In Kursk bus station is located on the street 50 years of October, 120 in the North-West of the city.
Also there are options to reach the destination using the direct. The bus station "Krasnogvardeyskaya", located on the street 24 Walnut Avenue, daily at 11:15, 14:25 and 22:20 a bus with the route Moscow — the eagle. Journey time — 6 hours 30 min. From the eagle to the side of the Kursk buses travel hourly. To get to eagle from the bus station "Shchelkovo". Out every day at 10:15 a bus with the route Moscow — Chisinau.
One of the options to get from Moscow to Kursk remains the train. It departs from the Kursk railway station every day, almost every hour. From the airport "Vnukovo" daily, except Saturday, the plane takes off at 20:30. After 1 hour and 20 min it lands at the airport of Kursk. The ticket costs 3700 R.