From a stop on Shchelkovskoe shosse, metro station "Schelkovskaya", the Train from the bus number 338. The route passes through Balashikha, approximate travel time is 40-45 minutes, but during peak hours there may be delays in traffic. In the Train bus # 338 stops should be the "Vineyards", "Gidromettekhnikum", "platform Kuchino", "Ceramic street", "School # 5", "TSGB", "Boundary street", "Zhilgorodok".
You can take a bus from the metro station "Novogireevo". Passengers boarding bus No. 585, Old Kupavna, happens at the bus stop at the Western exit of the subway. In Rail transport should be through the platform Kuchino station "Ceramic street", "School # 5", "TSGB", "Boundary street", "Zhilgorodok". The journey time is approximately 30-35 minutes, but because of regular traffic jams on nosovihinskoe highway may be delayed. Also from "Novogireevo" every 20 minutes departs route taxi No. 111 final destination platform Kuchino.
Take a bus from the metro station "Vykhino". From the subway, you need to go to the left side during the movement of trains from the center. On the square need to find a bus stop where bus No. 582. End point of the route is a platform Kuchino. The journey time is approximately 25 minutes. Buses are considered to taxis and go from 6.30 to 23.00 every 20 minutes.
From Kursky railway station there are trains to the station Zakharovo, "males", "Fryazevo", "Cool", "Kupavna", "Elektrogorsk", you need to go on the platform "Train". In peak hours the intervals between trains are not more than 10 minutes. Journey time is 34 minutes. Several times a day there is satellite high-speed train to Train. He makes only one stop on the platform "Novogireevo", so it is faster in just 25 minutes. To clarify the schedule of trains on the official website of the Railways or with the help of search engines.